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Installing EndeavourOS (Parallels, M1)

In this guide I will briefly go through the installation of EndeavourOS in Parallels Desktop on an M1 MacBook.

I will be using an ArchBoot ISO to greatly simplify the process. After the installation of an Arch Linux base, the EndeavourOS ARM install script can be used to “convert” the installation.

Alright, off we go!

Installing the base

  1. Download the latest Aarch64 ISO from https://pkgbuild.com/~tpowa/archboot/iso/aarch64/latest/
  2. Create a new VM in Parallels Desktop using the ISO New VM Step 1 New VM Step 2 New VM Step 3 New VM Step 4 New VM Step 5
  3. Boot the VM Archboot
  4. Go through the ArchBoot installer (trust me, it’s pretty straight-forward) Arch Linux Installation
  5. Reboot into Arch Linux
  6. Tell all your friends that you use Arch, btw.

Installing EndeavourOS

  1. To clone the EndeavourOS install script, you will need git:
      pacman -S git
  2. Clone the EndeavourOS installer to a location of your liking:
      git clone https://github.com/endeavouros-arm/install-script.git
  3. Navigate into the cloned repository:
      cd install-script
  4. Set the executable bit on the install script:
      chmod u+x endeavour-ARM-install-V2.X.sh
  5. Execute the script:
  6. Go through the EndeavourOS TUI installer (trust me again, it’s straight-forward)
  7. Reboot the system EndeavourOS Welcome
  8. Install the linux headers, these are needed for Parallels Tools
     yay -S linux-aarch64-headers
  9. Mount the Parallels Tools ISO through the Parallels GUI
  10. Navigate to the CD drive and start the GUI installer
  11. Reboot and enjoy your fresh EndeavourOS install! Tools Installed
This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.